After studying »Visual Arts« in Düsseldorf and subsequent studies at the HFBK in Berlin, Duettmann spent several years as longterm assistant of Hans Hansen and Annie Leibovitz.

He then started his own career as a photographer, shooting editorial assignments for magazines such as Tempo, Stern, Rolling Stone, Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue and Elle…

After more than 20 years in the business, Uwe Duettmann’s portfolio reveals a wild crazy-quilt of images that raise an eyebrow or sparkle a smile, featuring everything from serious portraiture and glossy auto shots to bizarre, otherworldly scenarios that could only be conceived by the wackiest of minds.

»If you look at Irving Penn, he’s not thinking of shooting landscapes or people or still life,« he notes. »It’s a bit the same with me. I don’t care about what I’m doing, it’s more about how I can express myself in different ways.« Featuring everything in his impressive career, the German-born photographer has been adorned with every major award in the advertising community, from the »Cannes Lion« to the »ADC New York«.

No matter what the project, Duettmann remains the consummate collaborator. His ultra-easygoing manner reveals no hint of the ego, yet he maintains the confidence of someone who knows he can get the job done. »All I need is good direction,« he says. »It’s like jumping off a plane in a parachute. Even if the target is just one meter by one meter, I’ll land on it.« On a more personal level, there’s a reason why Duettmann’s photographs often inspire a grin, even a laugh. »I’m not a nurse, but I’d love to help people enjoy life better,« he says. »It’s bizarre working in advertising and wanting to achieve that, but I try to bring the human aspect into it.«

Duettmann(杜特曼)完成在杜塞尔多夫视觉艺术学习和汉堡美术学院的深造后,担任了Hans Hansen(汉斯·汉森)和Annie Leibovitz(安妮·莱博维茨)几年的长期助理。
之后以摄影师的身份开启了自己的职业生涯,开始与《Temp》,《Stern》,《Rolling Stone》,《vogue》,《L’Uomo vogue》,《Elle》等多家杂志长期合作,参与杂志内容拍摄工作。30多年的拍摄生涯使Uwe Duettmann(乌维·迪特曼)的作品包罗万象从挑高的眉毛,转瞬的微笑,严肃的肖像和流光溢彩的汽车广告到最古灵极怪的思维才能构想出的奇异怪诞场景。

“如果您看过Irving Penn(欧文·佩恩)的作品,他并没有过多的考虑要拍摄的风景,人物或者静物。”Duettmann(杜特曼)指出。“这点我们很像,我并不在乎我在做什么,我考虑更多的是我能用更多的方式表现我自己。”这位德国出生的摄影师在他令人惊叹的职业生涯中斩获了无数大奖从Cannes Lion(戛纳国际创意节)到ADC New York(纽约艺术指导协会年度奖)。